Full protection for data, networks and content

Three lines of products for digital protection with speed and high performance

Product highlight

Vantage Point Security

Full-scale security in a multiplatform: integration of existing assets, automation of processes to anticipate risks, promote preventive routines and react quickly and effectively against incidents.

  • Integration with software, hardware and devices
  • Immediate response to incidents
  • Technology with Machine Learning techniques
  • Optimizes time of security professionals
  • In compliance with business/industry requirements
  • Analytics for planning and decision making
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Product highlight

Cloud Network Security

CNS is the ideal product to protect network traffic that ensures operational availability and integrity of user data.

  • DDoS Defense operates against attacks on OSI layers 3, 4 and 7 of the Internet
  • Always-on protection and real-time responses, within up to 3 seconds
  • Control Panel for mitigation configuration, Blackhole, Firewall and Anti Ransomware
  • Pcapper for recording traffic samples and pattern
  • Graphs detailing duration, type, volumetry, destination and history of attacks
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Product highlight

Content Delivery Network

CDN accelerates and protects the distribution of static and dynamic contents, regardless the location of the source server, ensuring performance and avoiding service outages.

  • File caching, website acceleration and audio/video streaming
  • Live and on-demand, audio and video streamings
  • Reduced costs, no need for bandwidth and processing services
  • Global network in constant expansion with +80 POPs
  • Analytics dashboard for real-time monitoring
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