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One of the largest digital security centers in Brazil and in the world

Considered one of the largest players in the market, the company has presence in Campinas (SP), Brasília (DF) and Miami (USA), has already served more than 1,000 national and international clients in Finance, E-commerce, Telecom, Healthcare, Services and Industry.

Responsible for database protection with more than 3 billion data entries, UPX identifies vulnerabilities and acts in real time to combat malicious actions and prevent digital security incidents through its SOC (Security Operation Center), NOC (Network Operation Center) and Scrubbing Centers, besides counting with the development of its own technology, which grants to UPX the credentials to be an innovative company with pioneerism in the market.



When Internet Relay Chat (IRC) networks were born in Brazil and the first Brazilian radios migrated to the Internet, UPX was present with all operational and strategic support, offering a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with global distribution and streaming for this new audience. The pioneerism positioned the company as a reference in performance and created the conditions to develop new technologies always ahead of the market competitors.


With a significant presence in the entertainment market, including clients such as the radios Nova Brasil FM, Jovem PAN, CBN and Rede Vida, UPX CDN now has its own backbone to optimize the websites and applications' delivery of content, with security. That way, new business opportunities have emerged, such as partnerships with large portals and e-commerce.

Pioneer in mitigation of DDoS attacks in Brazil

In 2013, Distributed Denial of Service attacks, known as DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), become more frequent and massive. The lack of products offers that were able to meet this demand guaranteed exclusivity to UPX in providing a more efficient IPTS - IP Transit Security.

Investment in digital security and portfolio expansion

The next breakthrough was in the face of recent cyber attacks and data leaks: the implementation of the SOC (Security Operation Center) to prevent, detect and manage all aspects of information security. With this, UPX became a reference in vulnerability analysis, risk mapping and efficient tactical actions.

New headquarters

In 2017, UPX completes 15 years of excellence and inaugurates its new headquarter: a 2,500 m² building, located in the region of Alphaville Campinas, in the countryside of São Paulo (SP), known for being a technological and educational hub due to its proximity to universities and research centers. The continuous investments in the areas of security, networks and development have allowed the hiring of more professionals and suppliers generating more and more expressive results.

VPS - Innovating with technology

Vantage Point Security has significant market acceptance and lots of companies use the product to orchestrate multiplatforms with security, agility and autonomy. Based on user experience concepts, the product breaks paradigms and democratizes usage so that everyone can create their own preventive routines, monitor their vulnerabilities and act in real-time to ensure a safer business.


UPX brings together experts with the mission of promoting safer internet for companies and individuals.

Bruno Prado

President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Roberta Prado

Executive Vice-President

Kurt Urban

Operations and Network Director

Igor Reichert

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

A UPX reúne especialistas com a missão de promover uma internet mais rápida e segura para empresas e pessoas.

Bruno Prado

Presidente e Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Roberta Prado

Vice-Presidente Executiva

Kurt Urban

Diretor de Operações e Redes

Igor Reichert

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

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