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Why is BGP Monitor the right solution for my business?

Autonomous Systems (AS) announce routes to the internet through their transit providers. These announcements are based on the routing policy that is defined locally within the AS and influenced by several factors, such as DDoS mitigation, cost savings, network performance, load balancing and business relationships. In this context, Autonomous Systems need to make sure that their routing policies are being effective. One way to do this is by using a looking glass to view the routing path. But a looking glass only offers one specific point of view. BGP Monitor by UPX does much more than that – it delivers network visibility at scale with several global points of view, provides continuous monitoring and alerts when the announcement for a specific prefix fails to meet its visibility expectations for each upstream provider.

What is the difference between BPG Monitor by UPX and software such as Zabbix, PRTG or Nagios?

BGP Monitor provides an outside view of the network, unlike other tools available that only look at the internal infrastructure. It allows you to detect upstream connection issues and helps you spot malicious activity such as phishing scams via AS prefix hijacking attacks.

What is the difference between BPG Monitor by UPX and the services Radar Qrator, ThousandEyes and BGPmon?

BGP Monitor is a monitoring tool – it only alerts you when there are incidents or if your announcement does not meet expectations —, making it completely different from the services mentioned above, which are analysis/inspection tools that can be actively used by professionals to investigate issues. In addition, Radar Qrator, for instance, updates once every 24 hours and BGPmon also only provides daily reports, while BGP Monitor provides real-time change and incident notifications.

What not to expect from the BGP Monitor?

BGP Monitor is a monitoring tool, so it is not suited for analysis or inspection. It does not provide a detailed view or time-lapse monitoring, nor does it monitor past the last hop. As such, BGP Monitor does not detect hijacking with a forged AS path; it does not identify partial downtime issues; it does not identify geographic availability issues; it does not monitor the routes stored in RIBs (Route Information Bases) of routers on the internet; it does not monitor worldwide connectivity to your service; it does not identify problems with incorrectly configured expectations; it does not monitor the bandwidth of each upstream and does not assist in traffic engineering.

What is BGP Monitor?

BGP Monitor is a SaaS that monitors the spread of BGP announcements on the internet.

What is the main purpose of BGP Monitor?

The main purpose of BGP Monitor is to monitor AS availability and identify which route is being prioritized for each AS on the internet.

How does BGP Monitor work?

BGP Monitor checks BGP routes using collectors scattered around the world, and comparing the visibility expectations of routes configured for each AS with actual results.

How do I sign up for free for BGP Monitor?

You need to fill out the registration form on the UPX website with your full name and email address, create a password, receive confirmation by email and fill out all other required fields, such as company, segment, company size, position and telephone number. You should also tell us how you found out about BGP Monitor.

Can I buy it?

BGP Monitor is a free tool.

Who are the target users of BGP Monitor?

Companies that have an AS and want to monitor it.

 I need to register more prefixes. How can I increase my limit?

Currently, you can only add up to 5 prefixes. Sign up here to be notified if this option becomes available.

What is hijacking?

BGP hijacking is the act of redirecting internet traffic by announcing ownership of IP prefixes belonging to another AS, whether intentionally or not.

Is it possible to monitor an IX?

We are currently unable to monitor whether your announcement to an IX is visible, since they don't make their ASN available on AS Path. However, all of our collectors are in an IX, so we guarantee that your routes are visible on them.

Does BGP support IPv6 prefixes?

Yes. You can register both IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes.

Does BGP Monitor identify incidents such as DDoS attacks?

No. BGP Monitor monitors the visibility of routes to the AS on the internet.