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Creating your account

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Just follow these four simple steps to enjoy the monitoring power of BGP Monitor:
Click the "Start Setup" button to begin your setup process.

Complete the process to gain control and visibility of your network's BGP routes.

1 - Step One:
Enter your Autonomous System Number (ASN). Tip: Use numbers only (no letters or special characters). For this example, we will enter the ASN for UPX: 52863. After a few seconds, the name of the ASN will be loaded automatically, but you can change it to your preference.

Click "Continue" to go to the next step.

Adding the ASN number and name.

Monitor several prefixes with BGP Monitor

Only one prefix is required at setup, but you can enter more prefixes later on if you'd like.

2 - Step Two:
Click the first field and enter the number of the prefix you want to monitor. For this example, we will use a UPX prefix block ( that is being announced in the ASN previously entered in step 1. Check if your prefix is in the proper format. You can use the next field to name your prefix – or leave it blank.

Click "Continue" to go to the next step.

Adding the ASN number and name.

3 - Step Three:
Adding an upstream provider associated with the previously entered AS. Enter the ASN for the upstream provider in the first field. In this example, we will use the number for a UPX upstream provider: 6762. The name of the upstream provider's AS will be loaded automatically. You can also change this change to your preference. Click "Continue" to go to the next step.

How to add upstream providers to the dashboard.

4 - Step Four:
Setting visibility expectations for your announcements. The last step of the initial setup is to set expectations for the prefix on the upstream provider. To disable or enable the expectation, just click on the disable button (set as unannounced).

To end your starting setup, click the "Finish" button.

Setting visibility expectations for your BGP announcements on the dashboard.

Email confirmation
After the initial setup, you will need to confirm your email address before monitoring can begin. Just go to the email you will receive, click the link and access BGP Monitor. Your account will be validated based on your settings and BGP Monitor will start running.

In the overview screen you can monitor the statuses, linking the expectations set between prefixes, AS and upstream providers. It offers a real-time glimpse into any issues that may arise with your expectations. BGP Monitor will warn you if the visibility of the expectations set not being met – in other words, if it is set as "Unannounced" and a visible route is detected by the upstream, the dashboard will show an error. The same is true the other way around – if it is set as "Announced" and a visible route is not detected by the upstream provider, BGP Monitor will identify this error.

Visibility dashboard of your BGP routes on the internet.

Therefore, an incident will be generated for each expectation that is not met between a prefix and an upstream provider. You can click for more details in order to find the right solution for the problem. In short, you will receive alerts to know if something critical is happening based on the settings and visibility expectations you choose. You can then use that information to look for a solution, be it within your own enterprise or with your upstream providers.

BGP Monitor will warn you about any AS prefix hijackings. These alerts are sent by email and also appear on the upper part of your screen. If no problem is found, the indicators will look like this, and when an error occurs, red messages appear in this region of the screen, indicating that a hijacking has occurred.

Real-time information about BGP prefix hijackings.

You can turn audio alerts on and off by clicking this option. Just turn on the sound on your device to hear an alarm bell ring whenever an incident occurs. To project this screen on a TV set, click on "Activate TV Mode", which removes distractions and provides prefix information only.

Activate the alerts you want to receive to have visibility of BGP announcements for your AS.

Edit Settings

Change the settings and edit your BGP Monitor.

You can use the editing mode to add, change and remove prefixes, AS and upstream providers. You can also set the expectations for each of your items and, once you are done, you should save your changes so that BGP Monitor can make adjustments and begin monitoring based on the new settings.

Change the settings and edit your BGP Monitor.

The "Incidents" tab is located on the upper part of the BGP Monitor dashboard, under "Start". It offers detailed information on all incidents, whether they are ongoing or have already occurred.

Settings and Support
Here you can add other email addresses to receive incident warnings and access other information such as "Profile".

Under "Support", you will find the information needed to contact UPX staff. This option is also available on the Home menu.

Get technical support anytime.