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BGP Monitor Beta

Reduce the identification time of IP hijacks and BGP announcement problems

With BGP Monitor, you track closely if your BGP announcements are being spread on the internet accordingly to your expectations and identify the hijacking of IP prefixes in real time. Begin now your experience!

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Track your announcements quick and easy

Identify the problems quickly
Detect IP hijacking instantly
Optimize your network professionals times
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Monitor BGP routes in real time

Get a general perspective of the BGP announcements in real time, monitoring and managing the IP prefixes and traffic providers in a single platform.


BGP announcements propagation
IP prefixes hijacking
Non-intentional announcements
Operational issues
Stuck routes
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Everything your AS needs in a single platform

IP prefix monitoring in real time

The status of each IP prefix announced via BGP

Sound alert and e-mail notification in case of incidents

Suggested actions to fix the problems

Incident historic

TV visualization mode

Detect problems with agility, in up to 15 minutes

The BGP Monitor identifies problems in the router configuration verifying if:

The prefixes announced for each traffic provider are in accordance to your traffic engineering expectations

If any prefix is being announced improperly by another autonomous system, causing an IP hijack, that may occur maliciously or accidentally, by incorrect configuration.

Optimize your network professionals times

With and application 100% web based and without any integration with your infrastructure, in a few clicks you will have a great ally in monitoring your traffic engineering!

Brands already using the BGP Monitor

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BGP Monitor Beta stage?

The BGP Monitor Beta stage is available for those wanting to try and contribute to the development of the SaaS (Software as a Service), sending feedback before it's released for sale.

How does the BGP Monitor Beta stage works?

During this period, access to all resources and functionalities will be unlimited and the users will have the chance to rate the performance of the SaaS (Software as a Service) according to it's business reality and the network traffic engineering.

When the BGP Monitor gets released for sale, what will happen to the users trying the product out?

Before the official market release, all users will be informed in advance and will have the chance to carefully evaluate the conditions and plans of hiring. Remember that while in Beta, the SaaS (Software as a Service) will be free.