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Cloud Network Security

Intelligent and personalized network protection

Avoid connection interruptions, unavailable operations for long periods and financial losses caused by DDoS attacks.

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Protection Technology against DDoS attacks in real time

Cloud Network Security (CNS) protect layers 3, 4 and 7 of the Internet against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. Unique technology and multi-solution vendors ensures neutrality and redundancy for real-time security enabled within up to 3 seconds, ensuring greater availability of operations and more quality while under attacks.


Attacks monitoring with exclusive UPX panel

Track real-time performance with the Attack Panel, where you can monitor the traffic, received attacks and their characteristics such as type, duration and destination, as well as manage the CNS tools that are integrated into the product.

Protect your network in a secure and intelligent way

Avoid connection interruptions, unavailable operations for long periods and financial losses caused by DDoS attacks.

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DDoS Defense

The mitigation of DDoS attacks is performed always-on and its data packets are duplicated and only its copy is inspected by intelligent algorithms, with rules customised according to the traffic profile of each Autonomous System (AS) or network, which allow mitigation automatically, detecting attacks instantly without affecting production traffic. These rules and filters can also be enabled or disabled by the user when he deems it appropriate.


Pcapper saves a copy of the raw traffic every minute and keeps track of those samples. This registry allows to increase the knowledge over the monitored network and therefore, guarantees more control over the network. It provides information for strategic analysis and decision making, for example: identification of source IPs addresses, identification of the source of malicious packets and protocols, forensic analysis of attacks, among others.


To restrict specific traffic, Firewall as a Service allows the user to have autonomy to create firewall rules on demand based on source, destination, protocol, and duration. Practical and intuitive, FaaS allows you to customise your protection.


Blackhole provides the creation of traffic blocking rules for one or more IP addresses, from the UPX platform itself.

IP Manager

IP Manager allows the user to easily and automatically maintain inventory, organize and manage their IP blocks, including the identification of the ports and protocols used in each IP address. The tool is also integrated with DDoS Defense, allowing UPX to have better visibility of the user's used IP addresses and thus, fine tuning its protection.

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