Content Delivery Network

Distribute content quickly and safely

Improves web site and applications performance, reduces instability, ensures high-performance and secures file, audio, and video distribution.

More speed and availability of online content delivery

UPX has its own CDN infrastructure and a robust global backbone that guarantee better performance and protection. The product, in addition to accelerating the delivery of static and dynamic content, removes the overhead of web servers that host the web sites and decreases latency, generating several benefits and savings.

Why hire a CDN from a provider specialized in digital security?

UPX has begun its journey with the need to protect its own network and, therefore, embends in its DNA the assumption of offering performance combined with safety. In this way, the distribution of content that passes through the UPX network counts on mitigated and clean traffic to protect content and users without risks.

Pioneer in streaming in Brazil

Among the 10 most connected companies in the country *

Among the 50 most connected in the world *

More than 1,000 national and international clients

Direct connectivity at IX.BR and FL-IX

Benefits of the UPX CDN, which is a company specialized in digital security

Over 80 connectivity points

UPX presence guarantees global content delivery across all 5 continents, further enhancing the performance and speed of delivering files, audios and videos. And it allows you to restrict the transmission of content by geolocation.

Digital security

Performance and speed is not everything. Keep calm and safe, UPX is a specialist in digital security and a pioneer in the development of protection products, with monitoring and anticipation of digital risks. It has the traffic protected against DDoS attacks and SSL certificate.

Analytical panel

Check audience statistics in real time. Control the usage of the purchased committed traffic and monitor the progress for decision-making that directly impacts the growth of your business.

Costs Reduction

Avoid extra investments in IP bandwidth and processing infrastructure. Scale without worry, UPX CDN has wide infrastructure availability even to cover cases of high peaks of capacity demand.

Distribute content quickly and securely

Improves site and application performance, reduces instability, ensures high-performance and secure file, audio, and video distribution.

CDN Cache

Safety, speed and performance

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is comprised of several servers located around the world that geographically distribute content and accelerate the delivery of images, audios, videos, files, software updates, and other applications.

UPX has servers located strategically in national and international territory that maintain a cached copy of the content, ensuring redundancy, lower latency, speed and digital security.

How can UPX CDN Cache help my business?

A high-performance application combined with CDN ensures greater availability, speed and security of services and, therefore, customers have a positive browsing experience compared to competitors who do not have this differential.

Another determining factor is the speed of loading an application, which is related to ranking in search engine results, the faster the better for the chances of ranking first.

The CDN also contributes to the costs reduction, as it reduces the need to use IP bandwidth, investments in processing infrastructure and professional staff; and has features such as purge and perfetch, which help in sending content or deleting files from the edge servers.

Here's how the CDN can help different businesses


Availability at high access peaks

Contribute to search engine rankings

Operation safety and control


Guarantee of access to services

Best user experience

Security in financial transactions

Online Games

Quick access and performance guarantee

Global Content Distribution

Follow audience through Analytic Panel

SEO and User Experience

Contribute to search engine rankings

Best user experience

More availability, no denial of service

Distribute content quickly and securely

Improves site and application performance, reduces instability, ensures high-performance and secure file, audio, and video distribution.

CDN Streaming

Professional streaming with exclusive analytic panel

Make audio and video distribution live or on demand with safety, quality and high-performance. With UPX Streaming it is possible to share compatible content with several devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs and even video games.

Features of the UPX CDN Streaming service

Adaptive bitrate

Automatic quality adjustment and download speed of content by users.

Cost control

Access to contracted and consumed traffic quickly and easily.

Analytic Panel

Audience monitoring in real-time, historical and comparative with the previous week.

Quick integration

Compatible with HTML5, no need to install additional plugins.

Technical support

Personalized service with quick return and troubleshooting help.


UPX brings in its own DNA the premise of providing performance combined with safety for 16 years.

Expand audience and gain scale with high-performance, professional quality and safety

Enable content access on different devices and locations, increase online presence and get help of our technical support.

See how Streaming can guarantee more audience


Transmission of corporate and entertainment events in real time.

Compatible image and sound quality.

Exclusivity and more profit with online events.

Media channels

Radios and TV shows can broaden audience to the internet.

Streaming without interruption and advertisement, customized transmission according to the need of the business.

Audience control and comparative to improve investments.


Reduce cost with online training for remote teams, ensuring content sharing.

Make remote meetings and do not miss business opportunities.

Optimizes investments without the need of infrastructure costs.

Educational institutions

Distance learning with quality, recorded or live classes with high-performance and with insurance of access.

Opportunity to expand business and offer classes in other countries.

Enhanced content and exclusivity for students, without interruptions of advertisements and social networks.

Religious institutions

Opportunity for people who can not attend events in person.

Attract young people increasingly adept at the use of new technologies.

In addition to online transmissions, you can also develop different ways of interaction between the people.

Exclusive Analytic Panel

UPX is committed to increasingly improve customer experience and provide secure applications, so has developed a Analytic Panel with its own technology, with modern and intuitive design, making it easy to access and view all data transmission.

Follow the audience in real time and access its history

Weekly comparisons are available to access audience behavior, help strategic decisions and content delivery, bringing greater results. View and control costs, contracted and consumed traffic quickly and easily.

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