Mitigation with low false positive and negative rates, with immediate response and minimal latency

Always-on mitigation in OSI layers 3, 4 and 7, with traffic inspection through intelligent algorithms that automatically initiates the process detecting both listed and custom attacks according to a filter-based set-up that mitigates these attacks according to the traffic profile of each network. UPX detects and decides the best method to mitigate the attack: hardware, cloud or both by combining them in a dynamic process.

5 seconds to initiate mitigation and block attacks

Instant protection: stop attacks of all sizes and types, from the most usual to the most sophisticated.

Automatic detection and blocking process: UDP, DNS, SNMP, TCP, LDAP, SSDP, SYN Flood, IP Fragmentation.

High mitigation capacity using a robust and hyperconnected backbone: international POPs, peerings and scrubbing centers.

Inspection and packages filters without affecting legitimate traffic and operations performance.

Mitigation process that acts near the attack source with minimal latency and without packets loss.

Blackhole not required, the connection stay available even during mitigation.

Exclusive dashboard for real-time attack monitoring

Track real-time performance with exclusive dashboard, monitor informations such as type, duration, and destination of the attacks.

Monitor bandwidth and manage modules and features that can be integrated into the platform.

DDoS Defense Modules

Firewall as a Service

More autonomy to custom your protection

To restrict specific traffic, Firewall as a Service allows the user to have autonomy to create its own firewall rules based on source, destination, protocol, and duration. Practical and intuitive the module allows you to customize your protection.

  • The client insert firewall rules directly at the edge routers of UPX.
  • Protection is provided before arriving at customer's equipments, avoiding the use of external processing infrastructure.


Helps solving network issues

Pcapper automatically saves a copy of raw network traffic (.PCAP extension) every minute and keeps the history of these samples. This registration allows you to increase awareness and ensures more control of your network.

  • Information for analysis to technical decision making
  • Identification of IP prefixes used to originate DDoS and attack types
  • Identification of packet sources and protocols used during DDoS attacks
  • Evidence for incident response 

100% protected backbone

UPX's unique technology and support of multiple upstreams help to ensure neutrality, redundancy and more secure solutions, these factors also help to increase operations availability and better attack mitigation quality.

Direct connectivity at major points: IX.BR-SP, IX.BR-Salvador,  IX.BR-RJ, Ascenty e EQUINIX (IX E SP2) via Bilateral VLAN, Cross Connect or GRE Tunnel (VPN).


Inspection and analysis of all the traffic and not just a sample

UPX mitigation detects attacks using intelligent algorithms and the inspection is made after traffic duplication by analyzing packages individually and not just a sample on the mitigation server farm, where discard rules are applied to eliminate malicious traffic and send only the legitimate one to client switches and routers.

Abuse Report

DDoS Notifier - Safer Internet for everyone

On a voluntary basis, UPX notifies companies and Autonomous Systems (AS) that their IP prefixes are used by bots to originate DDoS attacks to raise awareness of this malicious practice, exchange experience among peers and victims and contribute to drastically reduce attacks, turning the internet into a safer environment.

This practice is only possible because UPX is specialist in Information Security and recognized by entities such as:

Protect your network from DDoS attacks

Avoid connection interruptions, unavailable operations for long periods of time and financial losses caused by DDoS attacks.