Full protection for your company: monitoring, treatment and prevention of incidents and DDoS attacks mitigation

Network protection and information security solutions with high performance and global connectivity

DDoS Defense

Avoid connection outages, unavailable operations for long periods, and financial damage caused by DDoS attacks.

Lowest time on the market: block attacks within 5 seconds

Automated mitigation: action near source with low latency

No blackhole required: network available even during mitigation

BGP Monitor

Monitor from several points of view and make sure that your AS is visible on the internet

Announcement pass-through issues with upstream providers;

Stuck routes;

Route leaks;

BGP hijacking with origin change.

Content Delivery Network

CDN accelerates and protects the distribution of static and dynamic contents, regardless the location of the source server, ensuring performance and avoiding service outages.

File caching, website acceleration and audio/video streaming

Live and on-demand, audio and video streamings

Reduced costs, no need for bandwidth and processing services

Global network in constant expansion with +80 POPs

Analytics dashboard for real-time monitoring

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