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Vantage Point Security

Integrate, monitor and manage all aspects of information security

Everything on a single platform with unique modules that allow the use of Big Data in the collection, command, control and content generation functions.

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Integration of digital platforms

All security vendors in one place, more control and convenience on a day-to-day basis.

Real-time monitoring

Anticipate risks, find the vulnerabilities of your company and avoid losses.

Immediate response to incidents

Modularity and scale in the support for decisions to allocate resources and protect assets, without professional intervention.

Cost and time reduction

Agility and confidence to dedicate to the matters that require priority, all automated and in a single platform.

Orchestration at your fingertips

Vantage Point Security is a digital security platform orchestrator that keeps small, medium and large companies ahead of incidents through the integration of existing security assets, risk monitoring, preventive routines and real-time action to combat incidents.

Greater efficiency in the digital security with integration and management of existing resources

VPS integrates already existing resources such as firewall, ADS, IPS, WAF, and external vendors, collecting data to process automations through Machine Learning, and formatting the results into charts and reports for analysis and decision making.

Integrate existing security platforms

Everything on a single platform with unique modules collection, command, control and content that allow the use of Big Data.

Understand how Vantage Point Security actually works

Learn some examples of using the tool and how to enhance your company's digital security infrastructure.

How to Identify Data Leaks on the Internet

For example, a financial institution may register the Bank Identification Number (BIN) of their issued credit cards in the Keyword Monitoring module so that they are constantly crawled across multiple data sources such as chat applications and malicious websites, in order to search for leak of credit card authorization information.

As a setup, the Reports and Alerts module gathers the evidences and notifies the users via email, as well as allowing them to view the graphics on TV mode for real-time monitoring by the security team.

From this search, the Integration module can send to the financial institution, through an API, the numbers of leaked credit cards that must be canceled.

How to act during an incident

For example, a company in the Telecom sector that is under DDoS attack may use the Integration module to collect information from equipment and/or security vendors of IP addresses that are being used to cause attacks.

Through a specific action, the owner of this IP is notified by the module Report Abuse together with the evidence of the identified occurrence, requiring the necessary action to be implemented to avoid the use of such IP addresses in malicious attacks.

In some cases, the action may also rely on the Takedown module to blacklist and block such IP address, allowing greater autonomy for the Telecom company.

Creating Preventive Routines

For example, the External Monitoring module captures data from public applications that identify anomalies in a carrier's network infrastructure.

As defined, the Reports and Alerts module gathers this evidence and notifies the user by SMS and e-mail to all security professionals.

Thus, the carrier network can scale the new procedures by the module Incident Control, where it occurs.

Explore more about the exclusive VPS modules

Keyword Monitoring

Keyword database that will be linked to search groups to be monitored on popular data leak sites such as Pastebin, Whatsapp and Telegram. You can configure search environments and frequencies.

Security Hotsite

Exclusive channel for customers and also the support area (SAC) of companies to report suspicious actions such as: phishing, IP abuse, fake email or fake SMS and others. The hotsite is public, collaborative and promotes interaction.


Integration with security multiplatforms (vendors, software and appliances) through APIs that communicate in 3 ways: output, data can be collected by VPS; input, can be inserted, or hybrid, when collection and insertion are possibilities of use by VPS.

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